Before you can protect the lives of others, you have to protect yourself. The Dräger PSS® 7000 self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) provides unmatched comfort, durability, and safety in the harshest environments. With unparalleled ergonomic performance, the PSS® 7000 combines trusted

pneumatics, flexible fit, and cylinder Quick Connection, freeing the firefighter to concentrate on the task at hand.


  • Relective, luminescent shoulder straps

Reduce potential snag points and enhance visibility in the darkest situations.

  • Three-point, heightadjustable backplate
  • Easily adjusts to give each ireighter a customized fit.
  • Pivoting and sliding

Lumbar assembly loats and enables free movement.

  • Tough Materials

Comprised of lame-resistant, abrasion resistant, and water-resistant materials.

  • Sentinel 7000 digital monitor with integrated personal alert safety system (PASS)

Communicates wirelessly with HUD.

  • Optional Buddy Breather

Keeps an emergency breathing supply system within easy reach.

  • Quick Connect cylinder attachment

Enables a secure change of cylinders in less than 10 seconds.


  • Carbon Composite Cylinders

Made of proven aircraft-grade materials and fabricated by processes that far exceed industry norms, Dräger’s line of robust cylinders offer a choice of capacity and pressure. Dräger also offers several colors along with the ability to customize each cylinder with the logo of a fire department or jurisdiction.

  • Cylinder Quick-Connect

Allowing for quick and easy attachment of the cylinder to the backplate, the QuickConnect allows a firefighter to re-enter a fire much faster than with a conventional threaded connection.

  • CGA Cylinder Connection

A compressed gas association (CGA) fitting is the standardized system for attaching the compressed gas cylinder to the regulator.

  • Dräger FPS® 7000 Head-up Display

One of the many benefits of the FPS® 7000 full-face mask is the headup display (HUD) required by NFPA 1981. Always within the field of view the head-up display allows easy monitoring of the cylinder contents and battery status without any manual action by the wearer.

  • Dräger FPS® 7000

The Dräger FPS® 7000 full-face mask sets the standard in safety, visibility, and comfort. Triple-sealing, the FPS 7000 comes in nine sizes and three shapes of the inner mask to ensure maximum protection by adapting to different head and face shapes.


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