Advantage® Cartridge Style Respirators

MSA’s Advantage Respirators provide optimal respiratory protection essential for workers in varied work environments including chemical, general industrial, pharmaceutical, first responders, construction, nuclear, craft trades, and even do-it-yourselfers. MSA‘s Advantage Respirators and the wide selection
of Advantage Cartridges and Filters provide the protection you need, whether they are used for precautionary measures or in situations where hazardous gases, vapors, or particulates may be present.

Workers worldwide have come to depend on MSA’s Advantage Respirators for their innovation, durability, and comfort. Incorporating MSA’s global engineering expertise, the Advantage Family
of Respirators meets NIOSH and other global standards while maintaining flexibility and affordability.

For your convenience, Advantage Cartridges and Filters are interchangeable with all Advantage Respirators, both half-mask and full-facepiece, simplifying the selection process. They are easy to maintain, allowing for minimal inventory and overall costs.

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